The MA in Clinical Counseling degree has a core of 45 credits which meet all the educational requirements specified by the Pennsylvania Board for Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC).  The Trauma Studies Concentration allows students further training in a rapidly growing area of expertise in the mental health field.  A professional counselor with specialized training in Trauma Studies would be well equipped for clinical work with traumatized populations, such as veterans, survivors of natural disasters, war, terrorism, rape and other violent crimes, including victims of trauma in the home: domestic violence and child abuse. Therefore in addition to community mental health and other general counseling agencies, graduates with the Trauma Studies Concentration may seek employment in organizations offering specialized services to those needing crisis or other trauma interventions, for example: veterans’ hospitals, homeless and domestic violence shelters, crisis centers and disaster relief organizations, hospice care and grief counseling agencies. In addition, graduates could pursue further credentialing in this area of specialization, as several professional organizations now offer post-masters training in prevention and treatment of traumatic stress.