Post-Master's Certifications

Already hold a Master's Degree in a related field? Earn a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) or take post-master's coursework toward licensure:

* Available fully online

“At Eastern, professors are invested in you not just as a student, but as a person. The professors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each lecture. Also, the way Eastern integrates faith with the subject matter allows me to see that my faith can coexist, and add, to the work I will be doing.”

Katherine Huyler, MA in Counseling with ABA Concentration, 2018

Departmental Distinctives

  • Integration of Psychology, Counseling and Christianity
  • National, regional and state accreditations/approvals
  • Practitioner training toward professional credentialing
  • Diverse faculty and student body
  • Full and Part-Time programs
  • Evening (face-to-face) and asynchronous online class times
  • Small, highly individualized courses