Affording Graduate School

At Eastern University, there are a variety of ways to pay for and reduce the costs of graduate school. These include:

  • Graduate Grants and Scholarships
    • Please let your Enrollment Counselor know if you have earned or are in the process of earning your Bachelor's degree from Eastern University!
  • Graduate Counseling and Psychology Partners Grants- Tuition grants are available to employees from eligible Educational/Mental Health Agency Partnerships. Please talk with your enrollment counselor about agencies that qualify for tuition grants.
  • Graduate Counseling and Psychology Social Justice Initiative Scholarship - The department will offer a limited amount of scholarships to individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to social justice and community outreach. 
  • Conference Scholarships- Students who volunteer at state- and nation-wide conferences in their field of study are eligible for scholarships to help fund their travel/accommodations during these events.
  • Federal Student Aid