Where are classes located?

On-ground classes are held at Eastern University's main campus which is located 30 minutes west of Philadelphia, in St. Davids, Pennsylvania.

When are classes held, and is your program offered online?

We have 3 Clinical Counseling program tracks (General, ABA, and Trauma Studies), offered in hybrid delivery (a combination of on-ground and online classes).  On-ground
classes are held Monday - Thursday either at 4:30PM or 7:15PM.

We also offer fully online delivery for 2 of our Clinical Counseling programs: General track and ABA track.

How many courses can I take each semester?

We offer Full-Time and Part-Time tracks. In the regular fall and spring semesters, the full academic load is 9 credits (3 courses) and the part-time academic load is 6 credits (2 courses). Both full- and part-time students take 6 credits (2 courses) in the Summer Sessions.  

We also offer an accelerated track which requires 12 credits (4 courses) in the fall and spring semesters, and 6 credits (2 courses) in the Summer I Session.

How can I fit school in with the rest of my life, especially with the kind of work schedule I have?

Most of our students are working either full or part time. Our full and part-time programs are designed for the adult student who has responsibilities at work and at home. Our accelerated program is designed for the student who can devote the majority of time to graduate studies.

Classes are scheduled during the evening, Monday - Thursday either at 4:30 pm or 7:15 pm, as well as some online classes. Full and part-time students may have classes up to two evenings per week, while accelerated students may more frequent classes, depending on the schedule each semester.

How long does it take to complete the program?

MA in Counseling (all tracks are 60 credits): 3 years (full-time) or 4 years (part-time), or 2 years (accelerated).

Are the courses for the Behavior Analyst certification pre-approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)?

Our program has a Verified Course Sequence that meets the educational requirements for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) examination.

Does the MA in Clinical Counseling program prepare you for licensure?

Yes. The core curriculum for all 3 program tracks (MA in Counseling, MA in Counseling with concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis, and MA in Counseling with concentration in Trauma Studies) all meet the educational requirements for Licensed Professional Counselors in Pennsylvania. See the Requirements.

What are the recent program admission and graduation statistics?
      2019-2020 2018-2019
    Number of completed applications received 94 62
    Of those applications, number of students admitted 68 45
    Of those admitted, number enrolled 50 31
    Total number of students enrolled in the program 138 108
    Number of students who graduated 40 23
    Of those who graduated, number who were full-time students and graduated within the expected (3 yr) time frame 26 20
    Percent of students who enrolled in the program and graduated within 5 years (5 year graduation rate) 76% 82%
    Percentage of courses taught by adjunct or part-time instructors 53% 44%
    What are the recent program licensure rate statistics?
        Students graduating between 2016-2018 Students graduating between 2015-2017
      Percent of students who graduated who became fully licensed and/or credentialed (as mental health counselors, professional counselors, substance abuse counselors, behavior analysts, or other similar title) 38% 44%
      Percentage who report still pursuing licensure or pursuing additional graduate degrees 59% 33%
      Percentage who report not pursuing licensure currently (due to parenting or otherwise not needing it currently in their employment) 3% 22%
      Totals 100% 99%
      Why MPCAC?

      The MA in Clinical Counseling is accredited by the Master's in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC) for the period of August 2014 through August 2024. Advantages of MPCAC accreditation:

      • Inclusion on a professional level: MPCAC values the unique history of the counseling field which intersects with both counseling psychology and psychology. Along with most experienced clinicians serving clients, MPCAC recognizes the benefit to the public in continuing to overlap these disciplines in counselor training. Students with backgrounds in psychology are welcome to apply and build upon their existing knowledge in preparation for becoming professional counselors.
      • Inclusion on a personal level: MPCAC is deeply committed to promoting culturally responsive services that promote the public good. Their strong emphasis on diversity and social justice aligns with Eastern's foundational commitments to justice, reconciliation, and transformation.
      • MPCAC is recognized by the Council for Higher Education (CHEA) as an accrediting body for masters programs that “educate students in the science-based practice of counseling and psychological services.”  Read their letter of recognition.  This means MPCAC has equal standing with other counseling program accrediting bodies. 
      Can I transfer in credits from another college?

      A maximum of nine graduate semester credits may be transferred from another accredited graduate program with the approval of the director of the appropriate program and the dean. (Transfer credit is not accepted in accelerated, self-contained degree programs.) An official transcript for this coursework must be received by Eastern in order for the course to be transferred. No credit will be granted for courses taken at another institution in which the student has earned less than a grade of “B.”Course work to be taken at other institutions during the student’s enrollment at Eastern must be approved in advance.

      Are the GRE's an admission requirement?

      Submitting GRE scores is not required, but it is strongly recommended for students who have a GPA below 2.8.

      How much will the program cost?
      My job provides tuition reimbursement. How do you handle that?

      Financial aid concerns with regards to payment method, tuition reimbursement, costs, etc. should be referred to the Student Accounts office at (610) 341-5831. For those students wanting to pursue a loan, they can speak to the financial aid office about the process at 610-225-5102 to discuss their individual situation.

      Is financial aid available?

      Students in the Counseling Psychology programs are eligible to apply for financial aid as full-time students and may apply for assistance through one of the available student loan programs. For additional information, contact the Eastern University Financial Aid office at 610-225-5102 or finaid@eastern.edu

      Do you offer Graduate Housing?

      Housing questions can be addressed to the Housing Office at Eastern University through Email at: housing@eastern.edu or by calling 610-341-5840.

      I took a year off. What do I need to come back into the program?

      Application for readmission is required if a student wishes to return after being inactive for 2 or more consecutive semesters, not including the summer sessions. The factors to be considered in readmission will include those considered at the initial admission of the student. In addition, we will seek feedback and recommendations from the department's faculty and program advisors.

      How do I find a job in my field?

      The Center for Career Development is here to equip you with the tools and skills needed to manage your successful job search. We assist students and alumni through one-on-one counseling, facilitating workshops, and providing career-related resources.

      • Resume critique
      • Improve interview skills
      • Learn effective networking
      • Skills assessmentCareer resources
      How do I obtain Alumni Course Verification?

      The Counseling Psychology Department often receives requests from our graduates to verify coursework for their applications to external credentialing bodies (i.e., licensure and certification boards).  Find out more by reading our Alumni Course Verification Information.