Eastern/Villanova Engineering Program Outline

  • 5-8 year program: 4 years at Eastern, 1-3 years at Villanova
  • Earn 2 degrees: BA in Mathematics from Eastern, MS in Engineering from Villanova

9 Engineering Tracks to Choose From

  • ​​Biochemical
  • Chemical
  • Cybersecurity
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical - Thermal Fluids
  • Mechanical - Dynamics/Controls
  • Mechanical - Mechanics of Materials
  • Sustainable (Watershed or Environmental)
  • Environmental & Water Resources

GPA Requirements:

  • Must maintain a 3.5 GPA (overall GPA)
  • Must score no lower than a B- in any of the relevant courses
  • Relevant courses for Eastern & each track
  • Falling below requirements leads to a 1-semester probation
  • If GPA (in required courses) does not reach 3.5 in that time, results in a disqualification from the program


  • Registering for Villanova classes generally occurs at the same point in the semester as EU registration
  • Obtain an add/drop form for off-campus classes (different from on-campus add/drop form) from either Dr. Huddell or the Registrar’s Office
  • List classes to be added and return to Registrar