Lori E. Banfield

Affiliate Faculty, Psychology

With a love for studying and enhancing the human experience, Dr. Banfield appreciates the journey of all and desires to activate her passions for theology, psychology, and social justice to empower each person beyond the classroom, prison and church walls. She stands to foster spiritual resilience, build atmosphere changes, and restore sacred spaces. She is a reentry advocate, a director at Redemption Housing - a reentry non-profit and founder of the Spiritual Resilience Council - a reentry training initiative. Dr. Banfield serves as Associate Elder at Gates of Heaven Pentecostal Church in West Philadelphia and is author of the spiritual formation book Walking Worthy of My Calling: Journey Back to the Likeness of God.

 “As Lifespan teaches us, the human brain never stops developing; it constantly absorbs its surroundings and adapts to give the body the best fighting chance at survival. Higher learning of any kind is a suitable environment for absorption, not just for survival or existence but for fullness of life. And to be at an institution that caters to the whole person, well that's a perpetrator of life more abundantly!"


DA, Marriage and Family Therapy, Eastern University
MTS, Palmer Theological Seminary
BS, Psychology, Saint Joseph's University 

Courses Taught

PSYC 100- General Psychology
PSYC 207- Lifespan Human Development
INST 270- Justice in a Pluralistic Society
THEO 160- Spiritual Formation
THEO 210- Foundations of Christian Spirituality 
THEO 255- Capstone: Theology of Christian Ministry