College of Health and Social Sciences

The College of Health and Sciences (CHS) transforms the lives of individuals, families and communities through studies in the natural, health, and social sciences, health care professions, and social services.

  • Rich educational experiences: The programs within CHS provide graduates with a rich educational experience which equips them with the knowledge, skills and abilities for meaningful careers, advanced professional training and active roles in local and global communities. 
  • Transformative Christian values: The integration of Christian values within the rigorous and dynamic curriculum adds a dimension to the educational experience that transforms our students into graduates who are well prepared to understand and effectively address the future challenges which they will face in this rapidly changing world.   


  • Dedicated and highly engaged faculty
  • Integration of ethical behavior and respect for individual differences and diversity
  • A wide-range of programs from undergraduate to master's levels
  • Curriculum that encompasses a wide array of fields that involve the natural, health, and social sciences.
  • Courses and programs offered through a variety of modalities and locations

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