BA in Spanish

Why Major in Spanish?

According to the Census Bureau, by 2050, the U.S. population will be 47% white, 28% Hispanic, 13% black and 8% Asian-American. By 2060, close to one in three U.S. residents will be Hispanic with today's multicultural population increasingly being born in the U.S. rather than abroad. Obtaining a BA in Spanish provides students with the language skills and understanding needed for careers in teaching, translation, interpretation, social work, health care, bilingual and foreign services.

Katie Bubb, Class of 2016

Katie BubbKatie Bubb graduated from Eastern in May 2016 with degrees in Spanish and Entrepreneurial Studies. She currently works for the Ministerio de Educacion, Cultura, y Deporte of Spain as a language assistant in a bilingual school in Cordoba. Her job includes working alongside bilingual teachers to help them guide students in their English materials in subjects like Biology, History, Physics, Mathematics, and Music. She also works as a language and cultural amabssador of the U.S., preparing a variety of presentations and activities for students that teach them about American culture, holidays, and celebrations.

"Overall, this past year has been a very realistic practice of trusting in God's sovereignty and plan for my life. Much of this experience left me with moments of uncertainty, which at at times has been very challenging. I miss the Eastern community tremendously, but without a doubt I can say that my time there and the relationships I built with my professors prepared me for any adventure God has planned for me!"

Why Major in Spanish at Eastern?

  • Distinguished faculty hold terminal degrees from University of Pennsylvania, New York University, Temple University and Middlebury College.
  • Put your faith into action and your linguistic skills into practice through yearly mission trips.  Previous destinations have included Bolivia, Dominican Republic and Haiti where students served alongside native speakers in community projects.  Check out where we are going this year!
  • Greater Philadelphia’s Hispanic and Francophone communities provide students cultural activities, churches and internships.
  • Eastern’s Language Department seeks ways to interact with the hispanic community in a series of events each semester.  Past events have included attending hispanic churches, touring hispanic artwork at Philadelphia’s famous Museum of Art, seeing Spanish shows on Broadway, dance lessons, and many more activities.
  • While we have many established study abroad programs in countries like Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico and Argentina, you may also create your own program in a hispanic country with departmental approval.

Why Double Major with Spanish at Eastern?

In addition to the BA in Spanish, there are several opportunities for double majors that combine Spanish with another discipline.  For example:

  • Anthropology & Missions and Spanish majors have taken jobs working with the Mennonite Central Committee and other NGOs in Latin America.
  • Biology and Spanish majors often pursue jobs in medicine or environmental science. Eastern students have interned at Medical Assistance Program (MAP) in Cochabamba, Bolivia in the summer.   This combination easily creates an opportunity for a job in medicine and with the hispanic community.
  • Education K-12 and Spanish majors teach in public and private schools often coupling their Spanish certification and an ESL certification that allows them to work with the burgeoning second language population in U.S. schools.
  • Communication Studies and Spanish majors have opportunities in the airline and travel industries, advertising, and Spanish TV and radio. Eastern graduates have taken jobs at T.V. Guide writing content for Spanish-language publications.
  • Criminal Justice and Spanish majors are prepared to work with local law enforcement or even federal branches of National Defense.
  • Political Science and Spanish majors can pursue careers with the government, NGOs, or in the foreign or diplomatic corps. Several of our students have interned at the Mexican Consulate of Philadelphia for first hand experience in diplomatic service. They may have careers with the government, NGOs, or also in the United Nations.
  • Psychology and Spanish majors work in counseling or within law enforcement.  There are also options of working within school districts, testing and counseling students from the Hispanic community.
  • Social Work and Spanish majors work with social service agencies working with Hispanic clients. These majors are eagerly sought after for jobs that offer higher pay for their bilingual skills.
  • Sociology and Spanish majors have often found work in non-profits, social justice, immigration issues, and social change.
  • Youth Ministry and Spanish majors work in the U.S. with Hispanic communities and lead mission trips to Spain or Latin America. There are also many opportunities for mission work within the U.S. in Hispanic communities.

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