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Course Number Course Name Credit
  Required for the Major 30
BIBL 100 or 200 Introduction to the Bible (Core Requirement) 3
BIBL 201 Biblical Interpretation (Required for Majors) 3
BIBL 202W Research Methods (Required for Majors) 3
THEO 210 Introduction to Christian Spirituality (Core Requirement) 3
THEO 240 Introduction to Christian Theology (Core Requirement) 3
THEO 305 Theology in Historical Context (Required for Majors) 3
THEO 310 The Triune God (Required for Majors) 3
THEO 340 On Being Human (Required for Majors) 3
THEO 350 The Son and Salvation (Required for Majors) 3
THEO 440 Senior Seminar (Required for Majors) 3
  Elective Courses: (Pick 2–6 hours)  
THEO 207 Introduction to Christian Ethics 3
THEO 315 Theological Foundations of World Religions (Fulfills "Global Diversity" Core Requirement) 3
THEO 329 C. S. Lewis 3
THEO 337 Theology of Culture (Fulfills "Justice" Core Requirement) 3
THEO 351 Contemporary Theology: Issues and Traditions 3
  (PHIL 304- Medieval Philosophy) 3