Certification in Secondary Social Studies Education (7-12)

To be able to teach Social Studies in Pennsylvania (PA) public secondary schools, students need to declare a major in either History or Political Science and elect a concentration in secondary education.  In addition to completing requirements in their major, they need to fulfill the following requirements.

Admissions & Retention Requirements

Course Requirements


Course Number Course Name Credit
EDUC 200W Foundations of Education 3
EDUC 201 Introduction to Special Education 3
EDUC 211 Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 234 Child and Adolescent Development 3
EDUC 301 Assessment and Evaluation 3
EDUC 382 Methods of Classroom Management 3
EDUC 384 Inclusive Education 3
EDUC 403 Reading in the Content Area 3
EDUC 412 Teaching English as a Second Language 3
EDUC 407 Teaching Secondary Education English/Social Studies (110 hrs) 3


Course Number Course Name Credit
EDUC 417 Multicultural Education 3


Course Number Course Name Credit
GEOG 201 World Geography 3
ECON 203 Macroeconomics 3
POLI 103 American Government 3
PSYC 100 or SOCI 100 General Psychology or Introduction to Sociology 3


Course Number Course Name Credit
EDUC 410 Student Teaching 12
EDUC 420 Seminar in Student Teaching 3

Please check the State Authorizations page to determine if Eastern University’s program fulfills your state credentialing requirements. Students who seek similar credentialing in states other than Pennsylvania are advised to contact the appropriate credentialing agency within their home state to seek information and additional guidance about credentialing in your state of residence. Additional state or local district requirements may exist for field placements in this state. Out-of-state student placements cannot be guaranteed by the program or the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences. Students are responsible for following all state and local district requirements and regulations for their field placement.