Secondary Education Certification Programs (7-12)

Students seeking a secondary certification to teach in any 7-12 grade will first take all the course requirements for a major in the respective subject, e.g. English. The student will then take the additional educational courses required to receive secondary certification in one of the following areas of study: Biology, Chemistry, Communication, English, Math, Social Studies or a Language (Spanish and French). Therefore, the subject is the major and secondary education or language certification is the area of study.

    Featured Faculty Member

    Dr. Douglas Mountz

    Dr. Douglas Mountz has been on the faculty of the Loeb School of Education since January, 2005, where he has served as a student teacher supervisor and has taught undergraduate and graduate students in various education courses. He received his doctorate in Educational Leadership from Immaculata University in 2006 and his M.Ed. in Classroom Technology from Wilkes University in 2000. Previous to his coming to Eastern University, he taught a variety of science courses to secondary students ranging from seventh grade through 12th grade over a 34 year career. During this time he achieved Level II certification in the areas of Comprehensive Science and Earth and Space Science. Presently, Dr. Mountz teaches a science methodology course which promotes inquiry methods of instruction that engage his students in science investigations that require their active participation. He also teaches a secondary education seminar course that serves to prepare students who soon will be entering their student teaching experience. Read more about Dr. Douglas Mountz.

    Secondary Education Certification Programs