Secondary Education Certification Programs (7-12)

Students seeking a secondary certification to teach in any 7-12 grade will first take all the course requirements for a major in the respective subject, e.g. English. The student will then take the additional educational courses required to receive secondary certification in one of the following areas of study: Biology, Chemistry, English, Math, Social Studies or a Language (Spanish and French). Therefore, the subject is the major and secondary education or language certification is the area of study.

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    Featured Faculty Member

    Dr. Harry Mercurio

    Dr. Harry Mercurio has been on the faculty of the College of Education since January 1996 where he has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. He earned his doctorate in reading/language arts from Widener University in 2014. He has been an educator for thirty years and possesses multiple certifications from the state of Pennsylvania. He has served as an educational consultant and continues to serve as a staff development presenter both locally and at state level conferences.