Browse frequently asked questions about our undergraduate LifeFlex programs!


What does "flexibly-paced" mean?

Eastern University's LifeFlex model is built around providing you with the flexibility you need. Within this model, you decide when you will watch the course videos and complete your assignments within our 7-week terms. And you decide how many courses you take per term. Guided due dates help keep you on track, while giving you the opportunity to work ahead or catch up as needed during the semester.

Note: Depending on your major, some specific courses may have required deadlines within the 7-week terms. 

Will online learning be engaging?

Yes! Our pre-recorded, high quality course videos can be displayed on laptops, desktops, or mobile devices, making for easy access on-the-go. Course concepts are visualized through sharp graphics and organized text, making note-taking a breeze. In-video quiz questions give you a quick sense of which concepts you’ve grasped and which need further review.

Our caring, expert professors are also eager to help when you have questions. In fact, they’ll offer optional weekly live sessions and fast email turnaround times.

If you enjoy hands-on learning and engaging activities, Eastern's LifeFlex degrees are perfect for you.

What is the total cost for a bachelor's or associate degree?
  • New students will pay only $9,900 - $29,900 out of pocket for a full 120-credit bachelor’s degree (which typically takes 4 years.) Grants from Eastern and public sources make this possible.
  • For a 2-year, 60-credit associate degree, that's approximately $5,000 - $15,000 out of pocket.
  • If you take the standard 30 credits per year, that's only $2,500 - $7,500 out of pocket per year! (for either a bachelor's or associate degree)
Where do I fall in the price range?
  • Overview: If you take the standard course load of 30 credits per year, your out-of-pocket costs will fall between $2,500 - $7,500 per year. Grants from Eastern and public sources make this possible.
  • $2,500/year: Students who qualify for the full amount of Federal and State financial aid such as the Pell Grant and the PA State Grant (or a grant from your state that can be applied in PA.)
  • Middle of range: Students who qualify for some financial aid; i.e. only the Pell Grant but not the PA State Grant or a transferable state grant.
  • $7,500/year: Students who qualify for no federal & state financial aid. 
What will I pay per credit?

While our published tuition is $566/credit, all new undergraduate LifeFlex students starting Fall 2023 or later will receive grants from Eastern and public sources that will bring your out-of-pocket costs down to $249/credit or less. Students who qualify for Federal and PA State Grants may pay as low as $83/credit. Complete your application and file your FAFSA to receive your customized award package.

How can programs this inexpensive provide an outstanding education?

Eastern is an accredited, private university that has been repeatedly ranked in the top tier of regional colleges by US News and World Report. Founded in 1925, we have a long history of providing innovative, student-centered education, and we love meeting your needs with flexible, engaging degree programs!

Our innovative LifeFlex design allows us to provide a high-quality education at a fraction of the price of most other programs. Instead of professors lecturing at set times with strict due dates, our expert faculty have created coursework suited to your learning styles. This maximizes flexibility to learn as a part of your busy work, family, and personal life, and lessens the need for expensive, on-campus learning modalities.

Will my diploma have the word "Online" on it?

Nope! Your diploma will look the same as it would if you completed an on-campus program. Diplomas list the degree name, not the learning modality.

What if I want to take a class on-campus instead of online?

This webpage is dedicated to Online Undergraduate Programs. For these programs, all of your required classes will be available online. Some of your required classes may be available to take on our St. Davids, PA campus if you'd like to explore this option.

However, please note that starting Fall 1, 2024, there will be a fee per credit for students in online undergraduate programs to take classes on-campus. Learn more here: Tuition & Fees Webpage

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