F-2 Sponsor Form - Students wanting to bring family members to the U.S. must show the financial ability to support these persons: $5,000 per year for a spouse and $3,000 a year per child. Attach a bank statement and have the form notarized.

I-538 Alternate Form - One of the forms necessary for the OPT application. Used to inform the DSO about your desired employment start and end dates, prior practical training authorizations, as well as your current contact information. All needed for OPT recommendation on your I-20.

Request for Reduced Courseload - There are just a few acceptable reasons for which the DSO can authorize you to drop below a full-time courseload. After talking to the DSO, you will use this form to request a reduced courseload. Attach the required documents to this form.

Statement of Financial Support - If accepted to a masters degree or other new program, you must submit new financial documents. Use this form to document your finances.

Transfer Form - For F-1 students transferring from another school to Eastern University.