Video Audition Information

Prospective students unable to attend Explore Eastern or EU Undergrad Open House may submit a video audition. You will be notified within two weeks via email whether or not you are being considered for a team. Additional information will be requested for further consideration. All final decisions will be posted on CWT website.

Audition Guidelines

Vocal Auditions:

  • Choose a song that displays your vocal range.
  • Song should be from a Christian genre (contemporary, worship, hymn, gospel, etc.).
  • Your song can be sung to a music track; accompany yourself or have someone accompany you.
  • You will be evaluated on pitch, technique, timing, expression and communication.
  • Make the effort to submit a quality presentation. Make sure your video is well-lit and we can hear you!

Instrumental Auditions:

  • In order to make a proper evaluation of your abilities select a song that is published and well-known.
  • Choose a song that demonstrates your playing abilities. Songs that modulate in key, have changing rhythm patterns, and/or complex chord structures are strongly advised.
  • Some instruments necessitate the use of a track or band. A song can be played with a music track that does not include the instrument you are auditioning for, with a band, or by yourself.
  • Submit one video with two songs, or layer the tracks on one song, if you are auditioning for more than one instrument.

Filming Checklist:

  • Make the effort to submit a quality presentation. Make sure your video is well-lit and we can hear you!
  • The camera should be focused on you throughout the video.
  • Make sure you can be identified if your video has band members playing/singing with you.
  • Shoot your video wherever you feel most comfortable (school, church, coffeehouse, home, etc.).


All submissions should be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo. Email your video link to the CWT at Your email should include:

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • High school or transfer college
  • Current classification (Fr, So, Jr, Sr)
  • Age and date of birth
  • Vocalist and/or instrument you are playing

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