Overview: This is the official Eastern University Student Handbook page for all EU students according to the EU colleges, programs and categories designated. These documents are designed to inform Eastern University students relative to climate, policies, procedures and general information that all students need to know.

Changes to the Handbook: As the needs of the community change, including expectations for members of the community, risk management matters, management policies, policies to keep students safe, compliance matters, and general policies/procedures change, so will these handbooks. When significant content is revised, notification will be made to students through their EU email accounts. 

Email Updates: Note that EU email is the official communication tool for all students. All students are responsible for checking their EU email account several times daily year round. All official email communications to the University must be made through your EU University email account. Students will be held responsible for all email contents and notifications made to them via EU email from any EU source. 

Questions: If you have any questions at any time, please contact the Student Development Office at 610-341-5823.