Full Sexual Discrimination and Title IX Policies:

As required of all colleges and universities who receive state funding (PA HB 101) the EU sexual violence policy is made up of the following elements:

1. Annual discussions of sexual violence offered to all students to attend, including the following elements:

  • A. A discussion of consent, what it is and what it is not, including an explanation that the victim is not at fault.
  • B. A discussion of drug and alcohol-facilitated sexual violence.
  • C. Information relating to risk education and personal safety/protection.

2.  Information on where and how to get assistance, including: 

  • A. The importance of medical treatment 
  • B. Evidence collection,
  • C. How to report sexual violence to campus authorities and local law enforcement.

3. Information on the possibility of pregnancy and transmission of sexual diseases.

4. Introduction to resources for students, including: 

  • A. Residence Life and Student Development  Staff
  • B. Campus security
  • C. Local law enforcement
  • D. Health Center
  • E. Rape crisis hotlines
  • F. Counseling on campus  
  • G. Off campus counseling referral list

5. A promise of discretion and dignity.

6. A promise of confidentiality for victims of sexual assault.