Imperative 3: Cultivating Community

Intentionally and systemically create a united, diverse, and equitable Christian community of belonging.

We will pursue the priority of Christian love by nurturing a community that respects and values the diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. As an institution of higher education, we acknowledge that this work is ongoing as we commit to learning new ways of being in community.

  1. Complete a university-wide Diversity and Cultural Audit.
  2. Implement an action plan that creates opportunities to celebrate commonalities, differences, and complexities.
  3. Promote engagement and accountability among all stakeholders.
  4. Foster and support the academic, spiritual, relational, and psychological development of all students.
  5. Recruit and retain diverse faculty, staff, and students.
  6. Teach in culturally responsive and diverse ways.