As a community, Eastern University will Listen. Love. Learn. Lead.


Eastern University is a diverse, Christ-centered community preparing graduates to impact the world through faith, reason, and justice.

Core Values

E - Excellence:

We strive to achieve the highest standards in serving our community through distinctive academic experiences, student services, and community life.

A - Authenticity:

We live with integrity and honesty, upholding the highest ethical standards as we seek to honor God with our lives, relationships, and work.

S - Stewardship:

We treat our resources as gifts God has entrusted to us, including our earth, environment, facilities, and finances.

T - Thoughtfulness:

Inspired by our commitment to truth, we think deeply, holistically, and critically about the world God has given us, benefiting from the insights offered by each individual in our rich learning community.

E - Enthusiasm:

Anchored by our hope and joy in Christ, we approach each situation with optimism, working toward favorable outcomes, and celebrating our successes.

R - Relationships:

With an attitude of humility and kindness, we honor and respect the dignity of each individual, promoting community, working to bring reconciliation to broken relationships, and championing diversity, equity, and belonging.

N - iNnovation:

Promoting accessibility and affordability, we seek new and more effective approaches to education, exercising creativity to chart inventive paths forward into the future.