Campolo Institute

The Campolo Institute for Applied Research in Social Justice is located within the College of Health and Social Sciences. 

About The Institute

The Institute supports research across all colleges and departments of the campus to realize its primary mission of encouraging excellent research focused on transforming conditions of injustice by:

  • Supporting research that renews interest in and understanding of  injustices as well as the means and methods of social justice
  • Creating opportunities for faculty, students, community and church members to engage in social justice praxis, a combined approach to engage theories and apply methods of social justice,  especially from a Christian perspective
  • Raising awareness and promoting solutions to justice issues by disseminating research findings broadly, especially to communities and stakeholders most affected by these issues

Contact Us:

Campolo Institute

Alexios Alexander, JD, MA
Executive Director

Delano Shane, PhD
Research and Program Director 

Campolo Institute Operations Team
Research Assistants