Eastern University’s Information Technology department is dedicated to designing, implementing, and supporting a network and software systems that serve all of EU’s technology needs.

Our Staff

Sherri Lynn Derer
Hr Systems Analyst
Telephone: (610) 341-1722
Email: sherrilynn.derer@eastern.edu

Anh Do
Helpdesk Support Technician
Telephone: (610) 225-5141
Email: anh.do@eastern.edu

Chase Endy
System Analyst II
Telephone: (610) 225-5612
Email: chase.endy@eastern.edu
Carlos Gonzalez
Director of Technical Services
Telephone: (610) 341-5935
Email: carlos.gonzalez@eastern.edu

Terry Green
Systems Administrator for Special Projects
Telephone: (610) 341-5833
Email: terry.green@eastern.edu

James Hoffmayer
Live Media Specialist
Telephone: (610) 341-5908
Email: james.hoffmayer@eastern.edu

Steven Inthavongsa
VoIP & Support Technician
Telephone: (610) 341-1564
Email: steven.inthavongsa@eastern.edu

William Jackson
Enterprise Data Center Administrator
Telephone: (610) 341-5821
Email: william.jackson@eastern.edu

Emily Johnson
Administrative Manager
Telephone: (610) 225-5519 
Email: emily.johnson@eastern.edu

Nicholas Jospitre
Senior Helpdesk Technician
Telephone: (610) 341-5998
Email: njospitrit@eastern.edu

Che Kwang
Systems Administrator
Telephone: (610) 341-1550
Email: che.kwang@eastern.edu

Eric Mccloy
Chief Information Officer
Telephone: (610) 341-1372
Email: eric.mccloy@eastern.edu

Christian Mendoza-Laude
Financial Systems Analyst & Programmer
Telephone: (610) 225-5584
Email: christian.mendoza@eastern.edu

Kevin Pawlowski
Media Services Audio/Visual Technician
Telephone: (610) 225-5012
Email: kpawlows@eastern.edu

Paul Thorpe
Director of Media Services
Telephone: (610) 341-5866
Email: pwthorpe@eastern.edu

Lisa Weller
Director of Administrative Computing
Telephone: (610) 225-5615
Email: lweller2@eastern.edu

J. Robert West
Web Applications Administrator
Telephone: (610) 341-5973
Email: jwest1@eastern.edu