Using Papercut to Print on Campus


Papercut replaces the old Wepa print system on campus. There are three advantages to the new system: 

  1. Print from anywhere: The library, the computer labs, or your own device.
  2. No more print cards: simply use your login credentials. Load print credit using PayPal, credit, or debit card. 
  3. Print to anywhere: There are 4 print stations. Stop by any print station to release your print job: Library, Walton, Guffin Breezeway, or Sparrowk Lobby.

Three Steps

  1. Install Papercut on your device (One time)
    1.  or:

      Detailed instructions
  2. Use Print/Release
    1. When you print your document, use “Papercut Global Printer” (installed in Step A)
    2. Go to any print station on campus and scan the QR Code with your phone.
    3. Select the document you want to print and “Release” it.
    4. Detailed instructions
  3. Add funds
    2. Select “Add Funds” and the amount.
    3. You will be given the option to by PayPal, Credit, or Debit card
    4. Detailed instructions