General Questions

How do I obtain a transcript?

To obtain an Eastern transcript, you may submit a request to the Office of the Registrar by email, fax, or mail. A downloadable request form is available on our Forms page. Requests should include: your name and former name, personal address and phone number, student ID, dates of attendance, and your actual signature. Also include a full mailing address for your recipient(s). Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

Request a transcript delivered by email ($5.00 fee per transcript).

If you have questions regarding your transcript request, contact the Registrar's Office: (610) 225-5011.

How do I obtain an enrollment verification for insurance, loan or scholarship purposes?

To obtain an Eastern Enrollment Verification letter you may submit your signed request to the Office of the Registrar by email, fax, or mail. A downloadable request form is available on our Forms page. Requests should include: student’s full name, personal address and phone number, and last four digits of your social security number. Include the full recipient address or fax number along with all other pertinent information, such as policy numbers. Please allow up to 3-5 business days for processing.

If you have questions regarding your enrollment verification request, contact the Office Manager at 610-341-1379.

How do I change my address?

In order to change your address, you must submit a signed request for address change to the Office of the Registrar, by email, fax, or mail. A downloadable request form is available on our Forms page. To ensure the security of your records, you are required to supply us with your student ID or last four digits of your social security number and dated signature and to indicate which address you are changing. Your permanent or billing address is the address where the University sends bills and other similar official letters. During the semester, the University sends student related information to your campus post office box, or to your local off-campus address.

How do I change my name on my official records?

A downloadable Change of Address, Phone or Name form is available on our Forms page. The form must be submitted in person or via mail, along with 1) a government-issued photo ID in your new name, AND 2) one of the following: Social Security card in your new name, second form of government-issued photo ID in your new name, or your original legal name change document (eg. marriage certificate, divorce decree, court petition). You may present original documents in person to an Eastern staff member, or mail your form with notarized copies of your documents. Electronic submission is not accepted, and copies that are not notarized will not be accepted.

The Registrar's Office will make a copy of the student’s documents and hand them back, or mail them back to the student in regular US Postal mail. If a student would like to have their documents mailed back with a tracking number, they must provide a self-addressed, pre-paid envelope. 

Where can I find my class schedule?

You can look up your schedule on myEastern at

How are graduation requirements determined?

* Core Requirements are determined by the year the student enters EU

* Major Requirements are determined by the year the student declares his/her major

These requirements will be reflected on the student’s online degree audit. This form should serve as the primary guide for course selection.

How do I use myEastern?

1. Go to

2. You will be prompted to enter your user name and password (the same for your Eastern e-mail account/case sensitive). 

3. The Academics Tab

• Course Search- This allows the student to search for classes by course title, course code, faculty last name, course description, and term.

• Academic Information- This allows the student to see their faculty advisor and intended major(s).

• Degree Audit- This allows the student to view all their grades and classes on one convenient screen. 

• GPA Projection- This allows the student to see how their grade point average would be affected by the current semester grades.

• My-1098 T Info- This allows the student to view their Tuition Statement Data.

• Forms- This allows the student to print out forms commonly used in the Registrar's Office.  The following forms are available: Add/Drop, Change Name, Address, or Phone, Intent to Graduate, Undergraduate and Graduate Registration, Transcript Request, and Request to Withdraw.

4.  The Student Records Tab

• Student Schedule- This allows the student to view their current and prior schedules.

• Class Schedule and Registration- This portal allows the students to register for courses and also to add and drop courses from their schedule.  Please note that this feature only works during the registration period.  Please contact the Office of the Registrar to find out when online registration is active.

• Course History- This allows the student to view all grades and classes in one convenient screen.

• ECS Immunizations- This allows the student to view their immunization records that were submitted to the Student Health Center.

• My Account- This allows the student to view their award notice and any documents still needed by the Student Accounts/Financial Aid Office.  Students can view their bill and make payments through the Cash Net feature.

• Course Needs- This allows the student to view the courses they will need to complete their selected program.

• Grade Reports- This allows the student to display and print their grades for a selected Year and Term (a single session).

• Unofficial Transcripts- This allows the student to view and print out their GPA, session, cumulative statistics, and detailed course information by program and term.

5. To log out of myEastern, please select the logoff link. 

For further assistance, please e-mail the registrar (

I have lost my email login and password. Whom do I contact?

You may contact the Web Helpdesk at 484-823-0121 or for assistance. If you remember your email/login but not your password, you may attempt to reset the password yourself by visiting

How do I “CLEP” out of a course?

Students should go online to and look at the CLEP subject tests that the Educational Testing Service has devised. Each CLEP test is designed to test knowledge on a basic college course. A successful score is 50. Score reports must be sent to Eastern University (code 2220) for college credit to be awarded. Credit for the CLEP test is posted on the student's Eastern transcript and the course is considered fulfilled.  Contact your Academic Advisor for more information.

How do I declare my intention to graduate?

Students pursuing a degree must complete the online Graduation Application in the year they expect to graduate. This form will provide us with mailing instructions and the name you wish to have printed on your diploma. Students should submit this at least 3 months before graduation.

To access the form, log in to myEastern with your student username and password, and look for Academic Profile under the Self-Service menu. Graduation Application will be one of the choices underneath Academic Profile.

Eligibility for graduation will be confirmed by the Registrar’s Office via your student email. If not already included in program tuition, eligible students will be billed for the non-refundable graduation fee, payable even if not participating in commencement.

If you have questions, difficulty accessing the online form, or would like to change your intended graduation date, please email Lori Bristol at

How can I obtain information related to deadlines (i.e. registration, withdrawals)?

(Please refer to the academic calendar for specific deadlines.)

The current and past academic calendars (including deadlines) may be found on our website under the Registrar’s tab.

What's the difference between dropping a course and withdrawing from a course?

(Please refer to the academic calendar for specific deadlines.)

A course that is dropped will no longer be recorded on the transcript. Any tuition that was charged will be refunded. In contrast, a withdrawn course will appear on the transcript with the grade of “W. The ability to withdraw and receive refunds for programs vary based upon the established policies of these courses.

Students are advised to contact the Student Aid Office after withdrawing from one or more courses to determine if eligibility for student financial aid has changed. (See Withdrawal From Course in Student Financial Aid Information.) Please contact Student Accounts for final confirmation on your refund eligibility.

How do I withdraw completely from Eastern?

To withdraw completely from Eastern University, students must submit the Exit Interview Form online. Once a student submits the form, the Registrar's Office will review the information entered and remove the student from courses and/or the University at the requested time.

Before submitting the form, students should speak with the Student Accounts Office, and if applicable, the Financial Aid Office, to understand how the exit will affect their billing and aid. Immediately after submitting the form, resident students should contact their Resident Director (RD) or the Housing Coordinator to discuss their exit from housing.

How do I register for general studies? 

Undergraduate students who need to enroll in General Studies courses should first contact their Academic Advisor.  Students may review the How To Register web page, view the General Studies Course Schedule and after contacting your Academic Advisor you may complete the Online Registration Form.

How can I find out whether or not I am eligible for a refund for a dropped course?

Refer to the course catalog for information regarding drop/withdrawal deadlines.

Please contact Student Accounts (information below) to confirm your eligibility
Student Account Office:
Ph.: 610-341-5831
Fax: 610-341-1492

How does a hold affect my registration?

A hold due to a financial balance needs to be resolved before registration can be completed. It is important to read email communications from Student Accounts and review monthly bills posted in MyEastern. For instructions on accessing CashNet for online bills:
If you still have questions about your account, contact Student Accounts: or 610-341-5831.

Where do I view my official grade?

Your grade should be posted approximately (2) weeks after your last session. Your official grade will be recorded in MyEastern:

Who is my Advisor?

Upon enrollment you will be matched with a Student Success Advisor (SSA) who will assist you for the duration of your studies at Eastern. SSAs staff the Student Success Center's Advising Office and provide guidance, empowering you to achieve your academic, professional, and personal goals. You may also be assigned a faculty member from your program for academic advising. The name of your SSA will appear on your MyEastern: Student Planning/ Plan & Schedule/ Advising. For more info go to

What is the Advising Office?

The Advising Office is a team of 12 Student Success Advisors (see Who is my Advisor?). They are located at St. Davids (Eagle Learning Center, 2nd Floor), Falls Center (3300 Henry Avenue), Center City, and Harrisburg (750 East Park Drive). The Advising Office is staffed from 8:30am – 5:00pm weekdays. For more info go to

Grade Questions

When will I get my final grades?

Instructors are expected to file grades within two weeks of the completion of the course. You may access your grades through myEastern.

When will I be able to see the grades online?

All students are able to access their grades through myEastern.

When does a course retake affect my original grade?

A passing grade for a course retake fulfills the program’s requirement. The original grade will remain on the transcript; however, the grade assigned for the retake will recalculate the GPA, replacing the point value originally earned.

Can I take a course for Pass/Fail instead of a letter grade?

A few courses in certain programs are offered in a Pass/Fail format. Consult your particular Program of Study for specifics or check with your advisor.

What is an incomplete on my transcript?

An incomplete is a grade awarded for extenuating circumstances when a course cannot be completed within the normal time frame.

Review the course catalog for details. 

Can I appeal my grade?

Procedures for following a grade appeal process are outlined in the course catalog.

Academic Questions

How do I know how many credits I have?

You can visit myEastern and view your academic record to obtain the most up to date credit status.

Graduate School needs my GPA in my major. How do I calculate this?

Students may calculate their major GPA by listing each course taken, its credits and letter grade. Multiply the credit hours and the letter grade point value for each course. Add the credits. Add the point values. Divide the total credits into the total point values. This gives you your GPA. 
For assistance, you may contact Kate Ralg at (610) 341-4392 or

I need to take additional courses. Can I go to a college close to my home?

Before registering to take a course at another college, you need to submit a “Permission to take course work elsewhere” form available for download on our website or from your Assessment Advisor. Course descriptions must be included.

Contact Kate Ralg at (610) 341-4392 or if you have any questions regarding an application to take course work elsewhere.

Can I register online?

Undergraduate students: Currently the only courses that adult undergraduate students may register for online are the General Studies courses.

Graduate students:  Eligible graduate students can follow the instructions for online student registration by accessing the Registration Guide for Graduate and Doctoral Students.

How do I reschedule a course?

Contact your academic advisor to confirm the course requirement.  Once confirmed, the Registrar’s office will be able to provide you with the upcoming schedule options.  A registration form (provided by your advisor or the Registrar’s office) needs to be submitted to complete the registration process.

How do I register for an independent study if the course I want is not available?

Individualized Instruction is the teaching of a regular catalog course to a single student. Individualized instruction is offered only when the University has failed to offer a course according to schedule or with sufficient frequency and it is needed by a student for a critical reason (e.g., impending graduation or job). Both criteria must be met. Severe course conflicts and other student or faculty emergencies may be approved by the appropriate dean on a case-by-case basis as reasons for individualized instruction if no appropriate substitute course can be found.  Please contact your academic advisor to discuss your eligibility for this option.

How long does it take for my GPA to recalculate once a new grade has been entered?

The GPA recalculates Sunday evening. Any grades entered the previous week will factor into the equation.

Graduation Questions

When will I get my final grades?

Instructors are expected to file grades within two weeks of the completion of the course. You may access your grades through myEastern.

How will I receive my diploma?

Once all degree requirements and financial obligations are met, your diploma will be mailed up to two months after the conferral date: January 31, March 31, May 31, August 31, October 31, December 31