EU alumni, Shane Claiborne ’97 and Tony Campolo ’56 sat down with Astronomy professor, Dr. David Bradstreet ’76 on Red Letter Christians podcast to talk about his book, STAR STRUCK, SEEING THE CREATOR IN THE WONDERS OF OUR COSMOS which released in September 2016.

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Endorsements for STAR STRUCK, Seeing the Creator in the Wonders of our Cosmos

“Too many people see science and faith in conflict. Leading astronomer David Bradstreet explodes that myth in Star Struck, an outstanding, highly readable book that shows how science has enriched his faith, and how Christian faith has enriched science. “Writing from his own expertise and experience, Bradstreet shows just how exciting it is to be an astronomer and person of faith.”
—David Wilkinson, astrophysicist, theologian, and former Methodist pastor and chaplain, Professor and Principal of St. John's College, and a professor in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University, England.

Star Struck combines an engaging and informed romp through the cosmos with a deep conviction that the heavens declare the glory of God. Bradstreet and Rabey make the case that we live on a privileged planet in a remarkably designed universe. Star Struck will ease the concerns of readers worried that science and religion are in perpetual conflict.”
—Karl Giberson, physicist and theologian, Scholar-in-Residence in Science & Religion at Stonehill College, Easton, Massachusetts.

Star Struck is an engaging and personal tour of the universe from a respected astronomer who also loves the Bible. At each stop on the tour, you'll hear this master teacher explain the latest scientific discoveries as well as contemplate them from the perspective of his Christian faith. Like many Christian astronomers, Bradstreet is ‘totally out-of-this-world curious to learn all we can about the delightful details of Creation.’ Come along for the ride!”
—Deborah Haarsma, astronomer and president of BioLogos

“To borrow from the words of Psalm 19, this book declares the glory of God, and invites us to see in the heavens His handiwork. Bradstreet and Rabey have done something in Star Struck both difficult and beautiful: through a telescopic focus on topics like ‘our Goldilocks planet’, Martians, black holes, the Cosmic Creator, and the ‘God behind the biggest bang’, they invite us to look up and behold the majesty of God. Imagine a mash-up of Stephen Hawking and something like a ‘Gospel according to Astronomy’. This is a great resource for anyone who wants to help young people see that science and faith can share the same space!”
—Dr. Duffy Robbins, professor of youth ministry, Eastern University, St. Davids, Pennsylvania