Kasey Phifer, Intern at The Adirondack Review

Working as a poetry intern for The Adirondack Review gave me an inside look at the world of literary publishing, as I was working with the editors to select poems for the journal and with the authors to prepare them for publication. It was really interesting to learn about how editors decide which pieces to publish and which to reject, and as an emerging writer who does submit to journals, that was an enlightening experience for me. I also got to write a book review for the issue that was published as I was finishing my internship, and it was great to work with the head editor to get that piece ready because I got a lot of tips and advice both on writing and publishing in literary journals, and eventually published my own work in journals such as Hayden’s Ferry Review while I was still an undergraduate. I definitely recommend that English majors check out their opportunities for internships with literary journals, especially if you want to publish your work, or if you're interested in eventually working in publishing.