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Course Number Course Name Credit
ENGL 245 Introduction to Creative Writing 3
ENGL 423 Writing Seminar 3
  Choose FOUR from the following: 12
ENGL 250 Writing Assistant Training Seminar  
ENGL 340 Advanced Writing: Essay  
ENGL 341 Advanced Writing: Poetry  
ENGL 342 Advanced Writing: Drama  
ENGL 343 Advanced Writing: Autobiography and Biography  
ENGL 344 Advanced Writing: Short Fiction  
ENGL 345 Advanced Writing: Journalism  
ENGL 495 Internship  
  Subtotal Credit Hours: 18
  English Literature Courses  
ENGL 312 Shakespeare 3
ENGL TWO English Literature electives 6
  Choose TWO genre courses, ONE of which must be writing intensive: 6
ENGL 207 Studies in Drama  
ENGL 208W Studies in Poetry  
ENGL 220W Studies in the Novel and Short Fiction  
ENGL 225 Post-Colonial Women’s Novels  
  Choose ONE Modern Period course: 3
ENGL 302 American Literature  
ENGL 415 Twentieth Century British Literature    
  Choose ONE Communication course: 3
COMM 105 Introduction to Mass Media  
COMM 220 Art of the Film  
COMM 240 Persuasion and Debate  
COMM 260 Communicating Across Cultures  
COMM 322 Images in Media Communication  
COMM 325 Advertising  
  Total Credit Hours: 39


Course Number Course Name Credit
ENGL 200W Applied Journalism  
ENGL 240 College Newspaper Practicum  
ENGL 310 Critical Theory  
LANG 310 Introduction to Linguistics