MEd in School Counseling (48 Credits)

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Course Number Course Name Credits
SCSP 500 Introduction to Counseling Theory, Personality and Practice (Grade B or better required) 3
SCSP 503 Introduction to Special Education and Inclusion Practices 3
SCSP 511 Life Span Development 3
SCNL 519 Foundations of School Counseling (Grade B or better required) 3
SCSP 601 Introduction to Child and Adolescent Counseling (Pre/co-requisite: SPSC 500)(Grade B or better required) 3
SCNL 634 School Counseling Practicum* (Pre/co-requisites: SCSP 503, 519)(Grade B or better required) 3
SCSP 620 Advanced Child and Adolescent Counseling (Prerequisite: SCSP 601)(Grade B or better required) 3
SCSP 575 Research Design/Statistics 3
SCSP 507 Groups for Children and Adolescents 3
CNSL 617 Consultation and Positive Behavioral Interventions (Prerequisites: SCSP 500, 503, 511) 3
SCSP 611 Introduction to Assessment 3
SCSP 545 Career Development Theory and Practice (Prerequisite: SCSP 500) 3
SCNL 638 School Counseling Internship I* (Prerequisite: SCNL 634)(Graded pass/fail) 3
SCSP 520 Multicultural Issues in School Settings 3
SCSP 514 School Law, Ethics and Professional Practice 3
SCNL 639 School Counseling Internship II* (Prerequisite: SCNL 638)(Graded pass/fail) 3

* Certified educators can elect to complete a 75 hour practicum and 300 hour internship (75 of these 300 hours must be completed at a second developmental level). Please note: those students electing to complete these reduced hours in their field placements do not meet the practicum/internship hours required for PA Licensed Professional Counselor. Copy of current certification required.