EDUC 606: Multicultural Literature and Curriculum

This course is designed for education majors and graduate students interested in teaching literacy in our culturally and linguistically diverse school populations as well as teaching homogeneous groups the importance of multicultural literature. Emphasis will focus on the theoretical framework for an integrated view of culturally relevant pedagogy and culturally responsive teaching. Students will review the multicultural literature for youth and children. Attention will be given to the linguistic differences as they relate to the socio-cultural environment and instruction. Students will apply reader response theory and participate in grand conversations about multicultural literature. Students also will create a repertoire of culturally relevant literature and strategies for their teaching experiences.

EDUC 607: Supervision of Instruction

Examines the concepts of supervision of instruction and personnel. Through lecture, discussion, and group activities, the student is introduced to the various models of supervision needed to improve a program through observation, communication of needs, conferencing, and providing in-service training. Students will be expected to write and relate several assignments.

EDUC 608: Seminar for Supervisors

This organizational management seminar was developed to aid the student in analyzing the role of the supervisor. The factors which affect organizational management and the school environment as well as working relationships will be discussed. State and local law and the function of the school board in policy determination which will affect the school program will be discussed. Students will have the opportunity to design a school program along with the staff development and the budget process necessary to support that instructional program. Field experience 60 hours.

EDUC 614: Practicum for Supervisor

The student will spend a minimum of hours working with a supervisor under the supervision of a faculty member from Eastern University. If the student is already an acting supervisor or coordinator in a school setting, the assignments will be fulfilled on the job with supervision from Eastern University. A prescribed number of assignments must be completed which include but are not limited to activities in program development, school nurse service improvement, policy determination, staff development, budgeting, and role analysis and program evaluation.

EDUC 623: Curriculum Design

The major purpose of the course is to explore the principles and procedures of curriculum development and management along with special topics like auditing, alignment and evaluation. Technical issues, trends, future directions, and curriculum designed for special needs will be included. Social, psychological and philosophical foundations will be discussed.

EDUC 624: School Law

Course presents school law as it relates to agency control and structure, school organizations and their policies and procedures, school personnel and students rights. Implications of legal mandates, legal issues for public versus private schools and special needs students will be covered.

EDUC 635: Research Design

This graduate level course is designed to introduce students to the knowledge base, processes, experiences, and skills involved in designing and conducting research studies in education and the social sciences. The course will provide a survey of quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods, as well as opportunities for students to critically examine research studies employing a variety of such methods. Students will apply course content toward the conceptualization and completion of an empirical study on a selected topic.