Every student being issued a certificate in Pennsylvania must pass required tests in their area of specialty.

Certification tests are now being offered by two different testing companies for your content area for details on the tests required for registration information.

Registration is available from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) for all Praxis test requirements.

Registration booklets and Tests at a Glance study guides are available online.
For additional information go to PA Department of Education and the Praxis Series, ETS or PECT Preparation Website.

Areas of Certification

Pre K-4, Special Education Pre K-8 or 7-12

PAPA: Reading Writing, Mathematics (Undergraduates only) www.pa.nesinc.com
PECT test (s) for the certificate (s)   www.pa.nesinc.com

Grades 4-8

PAPA: Reading, Writing, Mathematics (Undergraduates only)        www.pa.nesinc.com
Praxis II: Grades 4-8 Core Assessment Tests (3 Modules) http://www.ets.org/praxis/pa
Praxis II: Grades 4-8 Concentration Tests (per subject area)           http://www.ets.org/praxis/pa

Secondary Grades 7-12

PAPA: Reading, Writing, Mathematics (Undergraduates only)        www.pa.nesinc.com
Praxis II: Appropriate content area test for secondary subject (s) http://www.ets.org/praxis/pa

Further Information

Test Preparation information for PAPA and PECT

PAPA, PECT and Praxis ll test codes for Specific Licensure Areas


If you are ready to apply for certification, please contact Adele Ressler at aressler@eastern.edu

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