Eastern University's M.Ed. in Educational Leadership with School Principalship Certification prepares leaders to serve as transformational leaders in a variety of educational settings. Through the MEd, candidates graduate with competency in research-based instructional and leadership practices and the use of critical thinking and ethical problem solving in the role of educational leadership.

Students must complete at least 30 credits to earn an MEd.

Course Number Course Name Credits
EDUC 517 Multicultural Education 3
EDUC 587* Instructional Leadership and Supervision (60 hours of Internship) 3
EDUC 588* Supervision of Instruction 3
EDUC 591* The Principalship (60 hours of Internship) 3
EDUC 598* The Principal as a Leader of Organizational Change (120 hours of internship) 3
EDUC 599* Leadership Models for Effective Education (120 hours of internship) 3
EDUC 623 Curriculum Design 3
EDUC 624* School Law 3
EDUC 635 Research Design 3
EDUC Elective Any EDUC course at the 500 or 600 Level 3

* Course required for certification

PA Certification Requirements

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements before being recommended for a PA certification in their certification area.

  • An existing GPA of 3.0
  • Successful completion of course requirements including 360 hours of internship
  • Successful completion of the School Leadership Licensure Assessment
  • Hold an Instructional I or I Certification or an Educational Specialist Certification or Receive Approval by the Education Department
  • 3 years of satisfactory professional experience as a certified teacher or educational specialist