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Course Number Course Name Credit
EDUC 501 Introduction to Special Education  3
EDUC 511 Educational Psychology OR CLEP – Intro. to Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 512 Teaching English as a Second Language 3
EDUC 534 Child and Adolescent Deve. OR CLEP – Human Growth and Development 3
EDUC 573 Methods of Teaching Middle Level and Secondary Math, Science & Health 3
EDUC 574 Methods of Teaching Middle Level Language Arts & Social Studies 3
EDUC 603 Reading and Writing Across the Content Areas 3
EDUC 502 Assessment and Evaluation 3
EDUC 504 Inclusive Education with Field Experience (10 hrs. of observation) 3
EDUC 610** Student Teaching (14 weeks, full time in a classroom) 3
EDUC 620 Seminar in Student Teaching (register with student teaching) 3
  Total 30-36 Credits

** Applications for student teaching must be submitted via online between Dec. 15 and Jan. 15 for the following Fall and Spring semester.

Certification Testing Requirement

Certification Exams: Subject Concentration Test Code 5158 AND Core Assessment Tests: 5153, 5154, 5155 (or 5152 for all 3). If you do not pass by Qualifying score, check to see if you passed with your GPA. All of these assessments are available through the Educational Testing Service (ETS) websites at www.ets.org . Test requirements are subject to change, therefore candidates for certification are responsible for checking current PA test information prior to registering for tests.

Clearances and Field Experience Hours:  Incoming students must acquire state and federal clearances. PDE requires Field Experience hours prior to student teaching, which are embedded throughout these courses in your program of study.  Please follow this link to learn more.

Once you have completed the above certification courses you can enter one of our M.Ed. programs.

External Agencies have authority to impose new standards for certification before a student's program of study is completed.