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The Health Science and Exercise Science programs are housed in the Kinesiology Department which is located in the center of campus in the McInnis Learning Center.  The Kinesiology department supports a clinical laboratory where exercise testing and rehabilitation occur.  The Kinesiology Laboratory is fully equipped with state of the art metabolic measurement systems, treadmills, cycle ergometers, gas analyzers, body composition instruments, electrocardiographs, pulse oximeters, and stress test systems.  It also houses a large variety of therapeutic modality equipment such as electrical stimulation devices, biofeedback, ultrasound and traction units as well as a plethora of therapeutic rehabilitation equipment.  Academic work and clinical experiences occur daily in the Kinesiology Laboratory.

Vo2 Max Testing:  The Health Science and Exercise Science students experience, among other modes of fitness assessment, VO2 max testing.  This testing requires an all-out effort (usually on a treadmill or bicycle) performed under a strict protocol with very specialized equipment.  The protocols involved with such involve specific increases in the speed and intensity of the exercise while the volume and oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations of inhaled and exhaled air are measured.  The measurement of such quantifies the individual’s fitness level.

Body Composition Assessment:  The Health Science and Exercise Science students, through various clinical coursework, become skilled in the assessment of body composition through a variety of techniques such as skin fold calculation, bioelectrical impedance, underwater weighing and air displacement plethysmography.  The Kinesiology Department recently purchased for training and educating students a BODPOD which is the newest advancement in body composition assessment technology.  Resembling that of a space capsule, the BOD POD is the safest and most subject-friendly of all methods used to assess body composition (body fat and muscle mass). The acquisition of the BOD POD brings tremendous opportunities for the athletic training and exercise science students as there are a limited number of educational and clinical sites that have a BOD POD.

Recognized as the 5th Most Beautiful Christian University in the World, Eastern University is consistently honored as a top Christian University located in Pennsylvania.  EU boasts of a safe, welcoming community of students, faculty and staff.  EU’s main campus offers multiple residence halls and academic buildings with amenities to accommodate its approximately 1,700 undergraduate students.  

While Eastern’s diverse student body regularly utilizes a full arsenal of residence life options, it is worthwhile to note the compliment of academic resources for EU students including the historic Warner Library adjacent to the Howard Harold Center, the fully-renovated McInnis Learning Center, Workman Hall for Music Majors, Andrews Hall and Bradstreet Observatory and Planetarium.  Warner Library provides students plenty of study space, access to 65,000 periodical titles in paper and electronic format, 870,000+ microform items, and over 60,000 full text e-journals, including the most current and popular academic journals and resources.  While students can access Eastern’s professors’ 360 publications and 280 articles in Warner, most students would much rather interact in person with our prestigious but accessible faculty.  A 10:1 student-professor ratio means plenty of personal attention and mentoring for every student.

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Historic Main Line

Within walking distance of Eastern is the affluent town of Wayne, PA (affectionately known as the "Main Line.")  Around 25% of the Greater Philadelphia's 40 Colleges and Universities are located on the "Main Line."  This phenomenal location offers Eastern students endless academic and social opportunities.  Many Eastern students site that the general location of Eastern is especially useful for diverse internships and practical work experience.  Of course, they also say that they love to take advantage of Wayne’s small, walkable downtown, which is lined with local cafes, stores, and businesses in one of the safest areas one can imagine.  

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Nearby Philadelphia

Eastern University is situated just outside the historic, urban metropolis of Philadelphia.  Philly is a diverse city which evinces all of the benefits of a major urban center and provides unique learning for current EU students.  Previously recognized by USA Today, Philadelphia and its suburbs are considered one of the top ten college communities in the USA.  Philadelphia offers the Eastern student access to robust internship, volunteer, work, and social opportunities.  These opportunities translate to a competitive edge for Eastern students who can be applying what they learn in the classroom into an everyday situation through volunteer work and internships.  Many Eastern students will take the train from the St. Davids station (located adjacent to campus) and be in the city within 20 minutes.  As an aside current students will also take advantage of Philadelphia’s vast music scene, iconic Fine and Performing Arts, and cheer on all the major professional sports.

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