Our carefully design curriculum is based upon the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Essentials for Master’s Education in Nursing and the National League for Nursing Certified Nurse Educator Core Competencies for Nurse Educations.

MSN Curriculum- January Start

MSN Plan of Study:  Students enrolled in the MSN program are required to complete the foundational courses beginning with NURS 566, 554, 556, 552, 562, 560 and 564 prior to moving into the professional track courses. Professional track courses including 630, 632, 634, 650A and 650B must be taken sequentially.

Course Number Course Name Credits
NURS 566 Foundations of Nursing Education 3
NURS 554 Pathophysiology, Assessment, and Therapeutics I (Pre-Requisite – NURS566) 3
NURS 556 Pathophysiology, Assessment, and Therapeutics II (Pre-Requisite – NURS554) 3
NURS 552 Information, Technology, and Communication 3
NURS 562 Population Health: Prevention, Promotion, and Policy (Pre-Requisite – NURS566) 3
NURS 560 Translating Research for Evidence-Informed Practice (Pre-Requisite – NURS566) 3
NURS 564 Foundations of Nursing Leadership 3
Course Number Course Name Credits
NURS 630 Innovations in Teaching and Learning (Pre-Requisite – NURS 566, 554,550,556,552,562,564)Practicum hours=24 3
NURS 632 Curriculum Design and Revision (Pre-Requisite – NURS 630) Practicum hours=24 3
NURS 634 Assessment and Evaluation Strategies in Nursing Education (Pre-Requisite NURS632; Co-requisite NURS 650) 3
NURS 650A Capstone(Co-Requisite NURS 634) Practicum hours=48
NURS 650B Capstone (Pre-Requisite NURS 650A) Practicum hours=48 2
  Total Credits 34
  Total Practicum Hours 144

Successful MSN Degree Completion Requirement: Degree completion requires 34 credits as indicated above and 144 practicum hours completed within the identified professional track courses.