100% Online. Self-Paced. Only $3,960.

Eastern’s 100% online Certificate in Data Analytics is tailored for post-baccalaureate students looking to excel in a data-driven environment, empowering you to make better data-related decisions. This certificate will introduce and reinforce concepts in statistics, R, Tableau, and SQL. All 12 credits in this certificate can be applied to the Master's in Data Science or Master's in Data Analytics.

Why Choose Eastern?

  • Flexible, Self-Paced Courses: Eastern’s online LifeFlex modality allows you to control your education through self-paced, asynchronous learning. You’ll never need to miss an important life event to sit in class – instead, you can learn at your own pace.
  • Engaging, Video-Based Curriculum: All Data Science and Analytics courses are created by our faculty and staff, 100% in-house, with engaging videos specifically tailored for online learning.
  • Proven Educational Quality: The Data Analytics certificate was born out of our Master’s degrees in Data Science and Data Analytics, which have helped thousands of students learn skills necessary to improve their career trajectories. Our instructors use evidence-based approaches to refine course materials to ensure an excellent educational experience.
  • In-Demand Technical Skills: Learn highly in-demand skills for data professionals through mastery of R, SQL, Tableau, Python, and more. 
  • Continue on to Graduate Programs: Students who successfully complete the cert with a 3.0 or above GPA will be able to transition into the full MS in Data Science or MS in Data Analytics programs with ease.