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The PhD in Professional Practice is a 100% online program designed to provide experienced professionals from diverse fields with an opportunity to carefully examine and thoughtfully assess the outcomes and professional contributions of their careers. This unique program focuses on the scholarly analysis of their work within current theoretical and theological frameworks, industry best practices, vocational understanding of their professional practice, and theological reflection. Students receive individualized mentorship from a doctoral supervisor, leading them on a personalized and intellectually stimulating path towards professional and personal development.

Program Details

  • Location: 100% Online
  • Length: 3 to 5 years. 57 credits for students without a theology degree and 45 credits for those with a theology degree.     
  • Start Terms: October 2024, August 2025. Apply online today! (View application deadlines)               
  • Cost: Our astonishingly affordable cost per credit is: $450 tuition + $30 fees for 2024-2025.
    • Full Program: For those who need 57 credits, that’s only $27,360 for the entire degree.
    • Advanced Standing: For those with a theology degree who only need 45 credits, that’s only $21,600 for the entire degree. 
  • Financial Aid: Ask your enrollment counselor about the generous scholarships available for this program. Also, discover the military benefits and federal financial aid options that may be available to you.
“Beyond the confines of professional disciplines, the PhD in Professional Practice is a celebration of your cultivated wisdom and the legacy you're destined to leave. Specifically designed for seasoned professionals at the pinnacle of their careers, it invites individuals who aspire to transcend their current professional boundaries and leave an indelible mark on their respective fields.”

Dr. Wynand de Kock, Program Chair


A Ph.D. in Professional Practice opens doors to diverse careers, including senior practitioner roles, consulting positions, academic research opportunities, teaching positions, and leadership roles. These roles demand a productive integration of theoretical knowledge with practical expertise, offering opportunities in various sectors where a strong sense of purpose is paramount.

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