National Constitution Center Internship

Melissa Schoonmaker
Marketing Department, National Constitution Center

Experience, experience, experience. My parents and professors emphasized this to give my future the necessary boost. In my internship at The National Constitution Center in the Marketing Department, I felt privileged to be a part of a team committed to completing a project which would benefit society as a whole. To promote the Bruce Springsteen exhibit, I posted on social media, completed research tasks, and reached out to other local organizations. For the Prohibition exhibit (see picture) I researched prohibition-era bars still in existence in New Jersey, New York City, and Baltimore. I also participated in the weekly exhibit launch meetings with representatives of each department. I learned how to be more professional in communication and in self-presentation. I took my strengthened social media skills to improve The Waltonian’s use of social media as the Managing Editor of Eastern’s student-run newspaper. My position on the newspaper staff is teaching me leadership and management skills, while also polishing my layout design and writing abilities.

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