BA in Political Science

Political Science

Why Major in Political Science?

While Political Science generally emphasizes the operation and distribution of power as the key dynamic of politics, the Political Science Department at Eastern University also emphasizes that the institution of government is designed by God to establish and promote justice, and that this calling cannot be ignored in the study of political life. That call to justice provides the foundation for the development of a critical understanding of political life and political science in light of the biblical call to pursue justice, stewardship, and peace. Eastern's Political Science Department offers internships in state and federal legislative offices, internships with nonprofit agencies and law firms, Model United Nations, The American Studies Program in Washington, DC, as well as semester study-abroad programs.

Why Major in Political Science at Eastern?

Integrate Faith and Citizenship: Our classes encourage students to reflect on how they can participate in political life in a faithful and responsible way. How should Christians bear the rights and responsibilities of citizenship?

Ask Big Questions: What is justice? What is the common good? What is the relationship between law and morality? We explore these and other perennial political questions from a Christian perspective, to prepare students to think about political issues with independent and considerate minds.

Actively Make a Difference: Students augment their classroom studies with internships and study abroad programs. Recent students have interned for law offices and NGOs and studied in Europe, South America, and the Middle East.

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