Why Major in Mathematics?

The BA in Mathematics at Eastern University offers students the opportunity to take courses in advanced calculus, discrete mathematics, linear algebra, and upper-level courses in the foundations and philosophy of mathematics, real analysis and abstract algebra. Students also take courses on computer programming and physics.

The BA in Mathematics can also be combined with another major or minor in one of the liberal arts or sciences. Many students combine the BA in Mathematics with a BA in Secondary Education and go onto become mathematics teachers. Others have studied astronomy, philosophy, chemistry, and business alongside mathematics.

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“I had phenomenal professors who encouraged me in my STEM pursuits, pushed me to ask all of my questions, and instilled in me the confidence to admit when I know the answer and also the confidence to admit when I don't.”

Megan Hoffman '16, BS Mathematics and Pre-Med, Minors in Biology and Chemistry


Recent graduates have pursued graduate level work in mathematics and engineering and have gone onto careers as educators, professors, business professionals, actuaries, consultants, computer programmers, library information scientists, economists, and engineers.