BS in Data Science

Why Major in Data Science?

Organizations are increasingly relying on data sciences to make strategic decisions. With this emphasis, the field of data science is exploding, creating tremendous employment opportunities. Currently, there is a dearth of practitioners with the coding and analytical skills needed.

Forbes quotes IBM in affirming a 28% increase in the need for data scientists by 2020 (May 2017 article). Infoworld cites a median base salary of $110,000 for data science, with the field holding the top spot in terms of demand (April 2017 article). Infoworld predicts that this status will remain for years to come.

Student Testimonial

Walt Huddell
“We are thrilled to be launching this program. The relationship between the rigor of the theoretical mathematics and statistics, with the application and prediction and finally, the programming, make this field one of the most diverse and interesting in the university.”

Dr. Walter Huddell
Department of Mathematical Sciences Chair