Why Minor in Next Gen Ministry?

The Next Gen Ministry Minor offers students the opportunity to consider theoretical and philosophical approaches to ministry with the next generation, while developing practical skills that can be used for leadership and service in ministry settings. 

The minor includes 18 credits in courses that study church and parachurch ministry theory, child and adolescent development, and ministry and culture, as well as skill development courses in leadership, administration, practical programming and Bible study. It also includes a field placement setting during one semester (during the school year or in the summer) to develop hands-on skills in ministry in a supervised setting.


The Minor in Ministry Leadership includes the following:

Course Number Course Name Credit
MINL 101 Culture, Ministry, and the Gospel 3
MINL 201 Introduction to Next Gen Ministry 3
MINL 202 Next Gen Ministry Leadership Skills 3
MINL 305W Leadership and Administration 3
MINL 395 Ministry Field Placement 3
MINL 310
MINL 203
MINL 303
Innovation in Ministry
Ministry in the Wilderness
Ministry in an Urban Context
  Total Credit Hours: 18

Full descriptions of undergraduate course offerings are available in Eastern's undergraduate course catalog.