How many bills will I receive per year?

Students will receive 3 bills per year: 

  • Summer Reporting Term
  • Fall Reporting Term
  • Spring Reporting Term  

All credits taken in the individual terms and semesters will be included in the corresponding reporting term bill. 

Example Scenarios:

  • If you take 3 credits in Summer 1 and 3 credits in Summer 2, you will have one summer reporting term bill with 6 credits listed.  
  • If you take 6 credits in Fall 1 and 6 credits in Fall, you will have one fall reporting term bill with 12 credits listed.

How will my bill be determined?

  • Each bill will detail every class you are enrolled in, the tuition cost, and any other applicable charges for your program.  
  • All graduate, doctoral, accelerated, and fully online programs are billed on a per credit basis. (Includes the Second Degree BSN).
  • All on-campus, 4 year bachelor’s programs are billed a flat rate for full time enrollment (enrolled in 12-18 credits); any enrollment less than 12 will be billed at the per credit rate.

When will I receive my financial aid disbursement?

Once a student's financial aid requirements are complete, financial aid (which includes federal and institutional grants, scholarships, and loans, as well as any private alternative loans) is disbursed on the scheduled disbursement date for each reporting term.

2024-2025 Disbursement Dates:

  • Summer 2024: 7/16/24

  • Fall 2024: 11/5/24

  • Spring 2025: 3/25/25

The time frame for disbursing loan funds cannot be changed; therefore, we recommend that you be prepared for any expenses (living expenses, rental deposits, etc.) you may incur before your refund becomes available.

Please note that refunds are not issued until after all the add/drop periods of each reporting term. 

What Happens if I Withdraw?

A withdrawal from the University is defined as a student who withdraws from all of their courses after the add/drop period for that given term/semester.

If a student withdraws and has utilized Federal Title IV funds during the semester in which they withdraw, the Financial Aid Office will determine if any amount of funding will be returned to the Federal program(s) based on the federally mandated calculation. 

For online courses, we are required to use the last date of academically related activity as your withdrawal date, not the date you notify the University that you would like to withdraw.  

For instance, if you notify Eastern on 12/1 that you need to withdraw from your Fall 2 course, but the last time you participated in the course was 11/1, the 11/1 date will be your withdrawal date and that is what will be used in the Return of Title IV funds calculation.