Refund Policy

The application process to the College Success Program for Students Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (CSP) is designed to help the prospective student and his or her family carefully consider whether Eastern University and the CSP are good fits for the student. While starting college is undeniably a new experience filled with unknowns, it is expected that students who enter the CSP make a commitment to the program and to the University. In the event that a student decides to withdraw or is asked to leave the University, the following refund policies apply.

Withdrawal from the CSP: A student who wishes to withdraw from the CSP is required to notify the College Success Program Coordinator. Students may be eligible for a CSP fee refund based on the following schedule:

Withdrawal during fall or spring semesters:

  • Within the first two weeks: 50% of CSP Fee
  • After two weeks: 0% of CSP Fee

Note that a student who chooses to withdraw from the CSP but remain at the University will no longer have access to services from the CSP staff, including the CSP Coordinator. Withdrawal from the CSP while remaining at the University may affect the students’ campus housing placement. Students remaining at the University will have access to counseling, tutoring, writing assistance, and Disability Services through the Cushing Center for Counseling and Academic Support.

Withdrawal from Eastern University: Any student who wishes to withdraw from all courses must follow the Withdrawal and Refund Policy found in the Eastern University College of Arts and Sciences Catalog. Refund policies for tuition, room, and board are listed in the catalog and are firm.

Note that the first day of classes is counted as the first day of scheduled classes for the entire institution and not the date of an individual student’s first class. The first week of the semester begins with the first day of scheduled classes and ends on Friday of the same week. The first week of the semester may or may not include five full days of classes. If a student withdraws without notification, the last date of recorded class attendance or the mid-point of the semester will be used as the withdrawal date.

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