Hear it straight from the students!  Below are some of our LFP students discussing their experiences. 

“Through the Chair-In-Waiting position I learned much about listening, delegating, leading with humility, problem solving, and planning. I am incredibly grateful for what LFP has taught me, the experiences it has given me, and the people it has introduced me to.”

Allison Harris ’25, Exercise Science Major - Leadership Fellows Program Chair ’23-‘24, LFP Chair-In-Waiting, Eastern Dance Ministry President, Eastern Dance Ministry Vice President, Kinesiology Club Vice President, TA

“I found LFP mentoring extremely valuable because I could talk to someone who had gone through the academic program that I was just starting. She was able to answer all of my questions and calm any of my worries. As time went on, instead of gaining only a mentor, I gained a friend.”

Ella Horst ’26, Nursing Major, Chapel Worship Team, Study Abroad Ecuador

“LFP freshman orientation was a very valuable and memorable experience for me because I made my closest friends that I will have for the rest of my life!”

Paul McConnell ‘26, Exploratory Studies, LFP Board Member, PMPC Choir member

“LFP has helped me grow as both a leader and a servant of others. While serving on the Board and being a mentor, I have learned how to work and collaborate with others through a Christ centered approach. I've been taught by those who’ve come before me and been able to pass on the knowledge and love that they’ve shown me.”

Julian Riley ‘25, Theology & Business Major with a Minor in Biblical Studies, LFP Mentor, Eastern University Men’s Lacrosse Team Chaplain, Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society, Chapel Worship Team - Music Director, President of The Gathering Club

“Mentoring gave me a break from the rush of being in season and schoolwork to have meaningful conversations that helped me grow as a person in and in faith.”

Dominic Marangoni ’26, Chemistry Major, LFP Small Group Leader and Coordinator, Eastern University Men’s Lacrosse, Chemistry Club


“Being a small group leader allowed me to lead by example and build relationships with freshmen.”

Ellie Pruitt ’24, Communication Studies Major with a Concentration in Digital & Emerging Media, Small Group Leader, Women’s Field Hockey Senior Chaplain, Women’s Lacrosse Captain, The Nest Club Social Media Committee, FCA Internship

“LFP has given me the opportunity to start off my college career with mentors, friends, and companions who want to see me succeed, who show interest in my goals, and who want to push me towards my absolute best. I love being a part of a lot of different leadership roles and opportunities, and this program not only rewards me for doing so, but makes sure I am staying as stress free, happy, and motivated as I possibly can be!”

Steph is a freshman (2027) majoring in Biology. Besides being a LFP Small Group and Mentoring freshman participant, he is also the Freshman Class SGA President. 

“What I valued most from orientation that carried through throughout all of my LFP experience was the constant support I had from the members. Whether from my cohort or the leaders, LFP right off the bat made me feel loved and supported in a present way. They replicated the way Jesus loved so well, and they made the transition into college a thousand times smoother.”

Sarah Mower ’26, Nursing Major with a Minor in Leadership Development, LFP Board Member, Eastern University Women’s Tennis, FCA Vice President

“Being a mentor in the Leadership Fellows Program has been a true blessing. Being a mentor has helped me open my eyes to what it really means to guide someone. I think it was a great help in my leadership journey having my two freshmen that I mentored, and it seemed like the advice I gave them throughout the year had helped out a lot.”

Joseph Paradise ’24, Business Administration Major with a Minor in Marketing, LFP Mentor, Eastern University Men’s Baseball, Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society, TA, Business Internship

“What I love most about LFP is the people. I didn't know when I walked into LFP freshmen orientation I would meet the most incredible, talented, and strong Christian leaders that I am now proud to call my best friends.”

Kelly Steenstra ‘24, English Major with a Writing Concentration with Minors in Christian Thought, History, and Marketing - LFP Board Member, Writing Center Assistant, TA