Participating in the Leadership Fellows Program requires a commitment to displaying Christ-centered leadership on EU’s campus. Leadership development takes place through coursework, training, community, and practice. 

The key requirements are as follows: 

  • Attend LFP orientation before the fall semester of the first year.
  • Participate in weekly small groups with other LFP students during the first year. 
  • Engage with an LFP Peer Mentor biweekly during the second semester of the first year. 
  • Take LDEV 200, Introduction to Leadership, with other LFP students in your cohort fall of sophomore year.  
  • Attend 2 Mandatory, All Cohort, Evening Events per semester.
  • Complete 5 credits of coursework total, and experiences in the categories of campus leadership, mentorship & training, and community service chosen through individualized goal planning.

Leadership Fellows are strongly encouraged, though not required, to consider completing the coursework for the minor in Leadership Development.

“The Leadership Fellows Program helped prepare me for my profession as an educator. The leadership theory, mentorship, and roles I experienced while in the program sharpened my skills, instilling confidence in me to lead as a young educator. The program also sparked an interest to further my studies and pursue a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership.”

Ian Roth ’18, BS in Middle Level Education

Enhancing the LFP experience beyond the Campus

Justin Shaffer ‘25, Communications major and LFP student, discusses his experience studying abroad in Siena, Italy, a small city in the heart of Tuscany.  

Justin shares, "Engaging with locals, forging friendships with people from diverse backgrounds, and adapting to a new way of life pushed me beyond my comfort zone, fostering personal growth and broadening my perspective."

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