The program prepares students to be productive innovators and leaders. It engages students in addressing current societal problems and influencing the world through a thoughtful commitment to Christian character.

Fellowship Objectives

Through dedicated classroom learning and practical hands-on leadership experience, students learn how to:

  • Identify their leadership strengths and styles
  • Inspire others in their pursuit of the common good as living models of Christ-centered leadership
  • Lead in a key role on campus
  • Effectively lead and share vision in an organization
  • Strengthen their effectiveness as leaders
  • Practice spiritual disciplines and personal character development
“I met my best friends in LFP. Having fall orientation together and small group has massively benefited towards developing a culture of unity. It has also given me the opportunity to lead as a small group leader and small group Coordinator. I have learned a lot about leadership in general by working with other leaders. It is truly an amazing learning experience. ”

Marc Hershey, '19