Residence Hall Descriptions

Eagle Residence Hall
Eagle Hall opened in 2007, and is the only building that offers Suite Housing, where residents can share not only a bathroom but also a common area. Eagle Hall has doubles and triples as Basic, Semi-Private, and Suite Housing. Eagle Hall is air conditioned and offers a laundry facility, mailroom, large lounges and multiple study lounges. Resident Director Lexi Dunbar lives in the North Ground Apartment.

Sparrowk Residence Hall
Sparrowk Hall opened in January of 2001, and offers its residents a mixture of Semi-Private and Basic doubles, triples, and one quad. Sparrowk is fully air conditioned with a mailroom, laundry facility, spacious lounges, and evena classroom. Resident Director Krista Barnett lives in the West Ground Apartment.

Gallup Residence Hall
Gallup is made up of four buildings: A (Gallup House), B (Clemens House), C (Alumni House), and D (Kresge House). All four buildings are air conditioned. Gallup Hall offers an excellent view of campus. It has a TV lounge attached to the laundry facility, as well as a study lounge. Gallup is only Semi-Private Housing with doubles, where each room shares a bathroom with one or two other rooms. Singles in Gallup have their own bathroom. Gallup Hall also offers five student appartments on the first floor of B, C, and D. Resident Director Courtney Johnson lives in the Gallup B South Apartment.

Gough Residence Hall
Gough Hall is nestled in between Hainer Hall and Guffin Hall, and offers great views of the campus. This building offers both Basic and Semi-Private Housing with singles and doubles. Gough Hall is air conditioned and offers a mailroom, laundry facility, kitchen, and lounges for residents to share. Gough Hall is also home to the Danny Hearing Indoor Golf Facility. 

Kea & Guffin Residence Halls
Kea Hall, attached to Guffin Hall, is air conditioned, but Guffin Hall is not. Both offer mainly Basic Housing doubles; Guffin Extended offers some semi-private rooms, and triples and quads are available as well. Commonly referred to as KG, residents enjoy lounges that are great for gathering and The Breezeway Cafe, which includes flat screen TVs. KG also offers laundry facilities and mailroom. Resident Director Theresa Noya, her husband Henry, son Regal, and daughter Nia live in Kea Apartment.

Hainer Residence Hall
Hainer Hall is the oldest of the Residence Halls, but includes a newer addition, Hall East, which is air conditioned. Hainer Hall is often noted to have close community created by the students that live there. It offers Basic Housing singles, doubles and triples, as well as one student apartment. Resident Director Heidi Birtwistle, husband Mark, daughter Ali, and son Jackson live in the Ground South Apartment.

Room Type Descriptions

  • Single Rooms: House only one student and one set of University furniture. This type of room carries a premium charge. Spaces are limited on the St. David's campus.
  • Double Rooms: House two students and two sets of University furniture
  • Triple Rooms: House three students and three sets of University furniture
  • Quad Rooms: House four students and four sets of University furniture

Charges are based upon the following room types in association with a bathroom, not the number of students living in a room.

  • Basic Housing: A room shares a community bathroom (cleaned by University Housekeeping staff) with all other rooms on the floor; typically between 18-30 students
  • Semi-Private Housing: Two to three rooms share a private bathroom (NOT cleaned by University Housekeeping staff); typically 4-8 students share this space
  • Suite Housing: Two rooms share a private bathroom (NOT cleaned by University Housekeeping staff), as well as a common room between the two living units; typically 4-6 students share this space
  • Single Housing: A single premium fee is added to either the Basic Housing or Semi-Private Housing charge, based upon the location o the single and whether it will share a community or private bathroom
  • Apartment Housing: There are six apartments on campus (5 in Gallup Hall and 1 in Hainer Hall); 4-5 students live in each apartment. Apartments include a living room, bathroom, kitchen (with sink & refrigerator), and two bedrooms. University furniture is provided in the bedrooms: desks, chairs, beds, dressers, and closets. A small sofa and table with chairs is provided in the living room space. These apartments are filled by upperclassmen who are approved through the Apartment Application Process during Housing Selection Season
  • The Village Apartments: Eastern University resides in three apartment buildings off-campus, with four units in each building. This option is only available to graduate and seminary students

Over-Occupancy Housing

If the resident student population for Eastern University is above the number of spaces we have on campus, students who submit their Housing Deposit late may be placed in an Over-Occupancy Room. These rooms may be intended as doubles but for the time being are placed as triple spaces. These students will be able to move into a traditional size room if one becomes available. 

During the first week of school, students in over-occupancy rooms will receive a letter from the Housing Office through their University email account. This letter will ask the student if they would like to be moved to a standard room if one becomes available. If a student does not respond, he or she will forfeit both the opportunity to move AND any credit. 

If an offer to move into a standard room is not emailed by mid-September, the student's account will be credited with an "occupancy credit" of $125.00. If an offer to move into a standard size room has not been placed in campus mail by the beginning of October, a second "occupancy credit" of $125.00 will be applied to the student's account.

Please rest assured that the Housing Office will do everything possible to make timely room changes. Residents who choose to stay in an over-occupancy room after being offered a move to a standard room forfeit the occupancy credit. Over-occupancy credit also does not apply if any roommate leaves the room.