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Spring 2021 Residence Hall Check-In Information

The Residence Halls will reopen for students to check-in for the start of the Spring 2021 Semester starting on Thursday, January 14th through Saturday, January 16th, 2021.  The Semester begins on Tuesday, January 19th. On December 24th the entire community received an email from the Provost, Dr. Sparks with the Subject  “EU COVID-19 Update: Preparing for the Spring Term” regarding the opening of campus for Spring 2021 and I wanted to reiterate the following: 

  • Eastern University has delayed our spring semester start by one week, with students arriving on January 14, 15, and 16 and classes beginning on January 19. One reason for this delay is to provide you with time after the New Year to observe a precautionary quarantine before arriving on campus. Although the CDC has reduced the recommended quarantine to 10 days, we are asking all students to observe a 14-day quarantine before arriving on campus. Students arriving on the 14th should begin their quarantine on January 1st, whilst other students can begin on the 2nd or 3rd, depending on their arrival schedule. This quarantine is important because any arriving students who get a positive COVID test will be asked to return home unless that is impossible, in which case they’ll be housed in our isolation facility until they’re cleared. 

  • Second, I’d like to share with you our COVID testing plans for the spring semester. Testing will be done monthly, beginning on January 14, 15, and 16 and then in February, March, and April. Residential students will pay a COVID testing fee that covers the cost of three of these tests; the University will pay the cost for the fourth test. Note that the University reserves the right to modify our testing plan in response to changing public health conditions on our campus or in the local community. 

Directions for Residence Hall Check-In: 

For Spring 2021 Residence Hall Check-in, students will receive their room keys after they have received a negative Covid19 test result. Students who have been cleared to move in will receive a colored wristband and will proceed to check into their residence hall. 

To ensure a safe and orderly process we have spaced the residence hall check-in and Covid19 testing appointments over the following three days between 9 am and 3 pm.  

  • Thursday, January 14th  

    Winter Break students assigned to any residence hall floor.
    Current students assigned to the third & fourth floors of residence halls. 
  • Friday, January 15th 

    Current students are assigned to the second floor of residence halls.
    New and Transfer Students have been scheduled to move into their residence hall rooms on Thursday, January 15th from 11 am to 1 pm. (You should have already received your housing placement letter).
    - New and Transfer students are permitted to have one person assist with moving into your residence hall.* 
  • Saturday, January 16th 

    Current students assigned to the first & ground floors of residence halls 
  • Students will receive an email with their specific residence hall check-in date and time. Current resident students and students returning to living on campus will be assigned to arrival time slots over the following three-day schedule between 9 am and 3 pm. 

    Thursday, January 14th 
    - Friday, January 15th 
    Saturday, January 16th 

Upon arrival on campus during their scheduled check-in window, students will need to report to McInnis Hall to receive their Covid19 test. After a negative test result is received, students will receive a color-coded wristband which will clear them to check into their residence hall room. Once cleared students will proceed to their residence hall to check-in and receive their room key.  

Students can view COVID-19 Updates on our university website. Here you will find: 

  • Student FAQs

  • Reentry to Campus After Quarantining Policy  

Residency Exclusion Form* 

Although we are confident that Eastern, with your help, can provide a safe campus in which to live and study, we realize that some students will prefer to commute from home or study online in the Spring semester. Students who wish to withdraw from student housing should complete and submit our residency exclusion formNote that the usual requirements for commuting, listed on the housing webpage, do not apply for this academic year. We plan to restore those requirements for the Fall semester of 2021. 

*Current Resident Students are not permitted to have guests inside the residence hall to assist with residence hall check-in for Spring 2021 as this already occurred back in August 2020. New and Transfer students will be permitted one guest to allow the same courtesy that was provided to current students in August 2020. If there is a pressing need, please reply to this email and we will do what we can to accommodate your request.

*Must be Submitted by Tuesday, January 19th to avoid Room & Board charges*

Please let me know if you have additional questions, please email Housing@eastern.edu.

Brian Turner
Housing Manager

University Housing refers to any Housing managed by Eastern University’s Office of Student Development located on the St. David’s campus. University Housing is primarily designed and available for full-time Traditional Undergraduate Baccalaureate Students (TUBS). For all TUBS students residential is required including Room & Board (Meal Plan).   Learn about the off-campus options for Graduate & Adult students.

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University Housing refers to any Housing managed by Eastern University’s Office of Student Development. This includes Housing located on the St. David’s campus and The Village Apartments. University Housing is primarily designed and available for full-time Traditional Undergraduate Baccalaureate Students (TUBS). For all TUBS students residential is required including Room & Board (Meal Plan) 

Living with other students is an exciting and challenging experience. Not only tolerance but also an understanding of people from very diverse backgrounds can be an enriching and growth experience and learning that Christians do not all think and behave the same way can be enlightening. Residence Life affects a personal growth that occurs within community living and leads to a more successful and adjusted adult life.