Per our Housing Contract, "all students who sign and submit this housing contract are subject to payment of room and board for a full semester even if they withdraw from Housing at a later date", this means you will still be responsible for full Room & Board as both Room & Board are nonrefundable after the first day of courses. (See Catalog, page 31). To receive a full Room & Board refund, students must move out of their Residence Hall prior to the first day of courses.

Students must withdraw from Housing by completing an online Exit Interview Form and meeting with their Resident Director, prior to moving out of the Residence Halls.

Students who are not registered for courses because of a hold on their account, can fill out an Exception to Policy Form with the Registrar. If approved, the student has an extended period of time to continue working with Student Accounts and Financial Aid, if an extension is approved students may remain in University Housing until their deadline. 

All students must be moved out of the Residence Halls 24 hours after the Add/Drop period, if they are not registered or have not been approved for an extended exception. 

The Housing Office will not prorate or refund any student who withdraws from the University or from Housing after the Registrar’s Add/Drop period, this includes but is not limited to students are processing a Medical Withdraw.