Housing Process

Once admitted, First-Year (incoming or transfer students) will be sent an online Housing Contract. Students should read this contract carefully, within the contract there are options to place your building, room type and roommate preferences. Once the Housing Contract is received by the Housing Office, first-year students are assigned Housing by the Housing Office based upon preferences and availability. Students are encouraged to turn in their Housing Contracts as soon as possible to get placed in their highest priority preference. Returning students who fail to enter the Housing Process will be placed in a room by the Housing Office and billed for the Housing Deposit, and full Room & Board.

Returning Students will choose their own Housing during Housing Selection Night the first week of April. Student will receive a Housing Card through Campus Mail that alerts them to their lottery number and when to show up at Selection Night. Students are required to choose their own Housing at Selection Night, those who are studying abroad and cannot be there can have a proxy. Proxy Students must be approved by the Housing Office by mid-March prior to Selection Night. Students will come into Selection Night at the lottery number that is highest according to their roommate choice between 2-4 roommates.

Failure to participate in the Eastern University Housing Selection Process will result in the Housing Office selecting a room and roommate(s) for the student after room selection night occurs in April.

In order to be eligible for Housing Selection Returning Students must:

  • Complete the HOUSING AFFIRMATION FORM: All current Eastern University resident students will receive an email in February including a link to an electronic "Housing Affirmation Form", which must be completed by the specified due date.
  • Submit a HOUSING DEPOSIT: Students will have to gain financial clearance and make the Housing Deposit either online through the EU Portal or at Student Accounts in the Janet Mall Long Cottage. Students should make the deposit as early as possible. It is up to each student to ascertain his/her eligibility to make the deposit and make sure the deposit has been accepted well in advance of the deadline. At this time the Housing Deposit is $150 and is non-refundable. Refer to the Academic and Residence Life Calendar for dates. Do not wait until the last minute to deposit!
  • REGISTER: Students must register for classes for the following fall semester by April 1.
  • Receive your LOTTERY RESULTS in Campus Mail: Students whose affirmation forms were submitted, who make their Housing Deposit, and who register for classes for the fall semester by the deadlines specified will be eligible to receive an electronically generated lottery number. This lottery number will be assigned by class standing, with seniors receiving the first numbers, then juniors, and sophomores.

Students enrolled in University-approved semester program elsewhere must submit a Proxy form. All deadlines must be honored. Students submitting the electronic form late or neglecting to submit the affirmation form at all may lose their eligibility to select their own room and roommate(s).

Apartment Application

Special housing spaces of different locations and sizes are offered to sophomore, junior and senior students through an application "bid" process. These apartment-type units offer students an opportunity to live in a smaller, more independent settings.

Apartment Eligibility:

  • All students applying will be full-time students for a full academic year.
  • All students applying are free from disciplinary probation and show positive community involvement on and off campus.
  • All students are registered and are in good academic standing.

*If any member of your group does not remain in the apartment for any reason, a new resident from the Housing waitlist may be placed in the University apartment you occupy.

  • Apartments will be secured by submitting a paper application prior to the specified deadline (see application). 
  • Apartments will be assigned based on the group's collective lottery number average, with the lowest group number getting first priority. 
  • If a group does not receive an apartment, they can attend Room Selection Night and select a regular room on campus.
  • Remember, a board contract (full or partial meal plan) is required for ALL St. Davids residents, including those living in on-campus apartments.

Apartment Application Process:

  • Submit the Apartment Application to the Housing Office (Walton 216) by March 14. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!
  • The group member listed on the Application for Line #1 will be the group spokesperson for the full academic year.
  • Every member of an apartment applicant group MUST have completed the housing affirmation form, paid their housing deposit, and registered for classes on time in order to receive a lottery number. 
  • Apartment groups whose members have not completed these steps will be considered ineligible for an apartment.
  • Semester elsewhere students who are studying elsewhere during the Spring semester who are eligible to participate in the Housing Selection Events may be a group member. The group must possess a written signed statement or an email from the student's EU e-mail account that expresses his/her desire to participate in the group. Attach the written statement to the Application.
  • Incoming students for the following academic year are not eligible to participate in the Apartment Application Process.
  • The Housing Office will use the group's lottery numbers to rank each applicant group. Results will be emailed after the applications are due and prior to the Room Selection Night.
  • Applicant groups not assigned to an apartment will attend Room Selection Night to select a regular room.

Housing Calendar

  • August: Move-In Day: 
  • September: Housing Not Registered, students who are in Housing but are not registered for courses will need to be moved out of the Residence Halls within 24 hours of the Add/Drop period. 
  • November: Housing Affirmations Due 
  • December: Spring Registration Due 
  • January: Housing Not Registered, students who are in Housing but are not registered for courses will need to be moved out of the Residence Halls within 24 hours of the Add/Drop period. 
  • February: Housing Affirmations Due 
  • March: Fall Registration, Proxy Request, Apartment Application, Commuter Request DUE
  • April: Housing Selection Night
  • May: Returner Selection by Housing Office (for those who neglected to show at Selection Night) 
  • June: Incoming Student Housing Card Due 
  • July: Incoming Students Placed & Housing Letters sent