Requesting a Meeting Place

All students wanting to reserve any campus facility for a club meeting, a private birthday party, or for some other reason must do so through the Conferences Office with approval from either a Resident Director or the Director of Student Activities. There are several different routes to reserving the space depending on the nature of the space and your use.

Is the room in a residence hall?
If so, you must first contact the Residence Director for that building. They will let you know if the reservation is approved and whether or not you need to contact the Conferences office to complete a Facility Request Form. Please note that for the Gough Great Room, Gough Seminar Room, and Eagle Great Room you will need to fill out a facility request.

If the space is NOT a residence hall or if you are directed to do so by a Resident Director, you must fill out a Facility Request Form for the Student Activities office. Do not assume the space is reserved until you receive written confirmation. All student requests for non-residence hall space will be forwarded to the Director of Student Activities for approval.

Is this event a Student Activity?
If you are planning an activity or program that is designed for the student body or the general campus community, please see How To Plan An Activity.

For More Information Contact:

Krista Barnett
Director of Residence Life & Student Engagement; Sparrowk Hall RD
Office: Walton 206