In order to be good stewards of our facilities and make each activity as successful as possible, it is vital that all groups and individuals planning events follow the proper procedures. The Student Engagement Office is responsible for coordinating all student-led activities.

Plan an Event!

Step 1: Check the Student Engagement Calendar to see what dates are available. In order to maximize the success of each event, attempts are made to avoid scheduling two events at the same time.

Step 2: Contact the Student Engagement Office to complete the Club Meetings & Events Google Form.  All student activities should be sponsored by a recognized Eastern University club or organization, requests made by individuals are considered depending on the nature of the request.  Have as much information as possible ready when you fill out the request (date, time, place, size of group, media needs, catering requirements, seating or stage needs, etc).  Fill out the form 10 business days in advance.

Step 3: Advertise.  After you have received approval for you event, don’t forget to advertise!  Follow the posting policy and contact the Student Engagement Office for information about being included on the Student Activities Calendar.